About Us

Having a bipolar diagnosis is hard, we are here to provide support and understanding.
In Edmonton we have been running a peer lead support group out of the Grey Nun’s Hospital for 20+ years. It is a great place to share, learn and give advice. We have been running as a strictly peer lead group.

O.B.A.D. North is to provide those a safe space to share and learn. The Edmonton based group is completely peer lead at the moment. Our mission is to provide support and acceptance for individuals living with bipolar (or other mood disorders) as well as families and friends affected by those mood disorders. We also organize educational events, foster collaborations, creative experiences and workshops.
People have been attending the Edmonton meetings for over 2 decades lots come and go, but there is are few that have been attending for 5+ years. COVID-19 has inspired a couple members who are now in training to become certified facilitators. They have been attending the Edmonton meetings for over a decade combined.
Due to current conditions we are not able to meet in person but do hold weekly zoom meetings every Sundays from 4-6 pm and Thursdays from 7-9 pm.

Anyone from around the world is welcome to attend our meeting since they are on Zoom currently. We will update the contact us page once we do start meeting in person again.

Topic: OBAD Sunday
Time: Sundays 4-6pm MST
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Topic: OBAD Thursdays
Time: Thursdays 7-9pm MST
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We have kept the original O.B.A.D. (organization for bipolar and depression) that started in Calgary, Alberta (www.obad.ca). Kaj Korvela is the executive director there.. The organization has had wonderful resources and people available including guest speakers. We function differently in we are a (soon to be) registered charity not a non-profit organization.