Documentaries and Movies


In this film there are a lot of triggers and emotions but are real. That is why it was chosen for the list. It is one of the rare movies about bipolar that not only focuses on the disorder but life itself. Living with this is not easy and this documentary shows that.

The film is all about three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons struggles with bipolar disorder and opioid addiction.

Stephan Fry: The secret life of a manic depressive

This is a decent film that touches on a lot of basics. We like it because it looks into how it affects a range of different type of people.

Stephen embarks on an emotional journey to meet fellow sufferers, and discuss the literal highs and lows of being bi-polar.

A Summer In The Cage

By showing the difficult emotional impact of being bipolar on Sam, his family, and the filmmaker, A Summer in the Cage puts a human face on an illness that affects millions of American families. But as this dramatic story unfolds and finally reaches an explosive standoff, it also becomes a unique tale about friendship and the ethical responsibilities of a documentary filmmaker.

Ride the Tiger

Nearly 6 million Americans have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and yet little is known about how the illness manifests itself in our brains. Ride the Tiger tells the stories of accomplished individuals who have been diagnosed with bipolar, and explores treatment options.

Boy Interrupted

The film is based on the life of Evan Perry, who experienced bipolar depression from a young age. The documentary was filmed throughout Evan’s life, because whenever his parents, Dana and Hart Perry, consulted a psychiatrist about Evan’s suicidal comments or other signs of mental illness, the psychiatrists did not believe that their son was depressed. The footage was originally meant to show the healthcare professionals what was happening in Evan’s life and to help them access the treatment Evan needed.